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Keep2share is a global filehoster website that offers different versions. Up- and download of files is possible on this filehoster with individual options. Therefore, a Keep2share account is also useful for large file volumes. The file is dragged & dropped onto the website and saved. To share the files with other users, it is sufficient to pass on the link. This gives users access from anywhere in the world and allows them to start the download via link retrieval. Only an intact Internet connection is necessary.

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Account Types

Different versions are available to the users. From the free use up to the Keep2share Premium everything is possible.
With Keep2share users can choose between three different account types. They can be optionally updated. For example, the following accounts are available:

  • Keep2Share Free
  • Keep2Share Premium
  • Keep2share Premium Pro
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The big difference of a chargeable account is that with the Premium version the downloads are completed more quickly. It is practical that a download accelerator makes it possible to download individual files faster. They also allow you to plan your downloads more individually. For example, it is possible to download individual files at the same time or to interrupt processes and resume them at a different point in time. The Keep2share Premium Account includes the ability to download multiple files at the same speed. In total the account offers 20 GB download volume per day and 50 GB storage space.

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Keep2share Premium Pro

If you want even more features, you can even push the Keep2share Premium with a PRO account. The even faster download speed is significant, because there is no throttling and therefore all files can be transferred quickly. 10 GB storage space is available. The download volume also increases to 50 GB. Extra features such as the creation of folders and videos online play, is included in the package. It’s also great that security is not neglected. The integrated virus scanner checks all existing files.

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Note: Of course, the Internet connection of the user also plays a role here. This is because the user is inevitably involved in the download speed.

Find the right Keep2share version

It all depends on how Keep2share is used and to what extent. If the filehoster is only used occasionally and the file transfer is kept within limits, then a free version might be sufficient. The free version also has its advantages, but is not equipped with enough know-how for a large download volume. The advantage is that every user is free to create an account once free of charge and use the functions. It then quickly becomes clear whether the free version is sufficient or whether the Keep2share Premium version offers the appropriate options.

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It’s the speed that counts

The maximum speed of the free version is about 50 KB/s, which is only suitable for smaller file sizes, because only one file can be transferred per process.

As already mentioned, the Premium version is equipped with additional functions that have a direct impact on comfort. Users can also benefit from a much higher speed and use 300mb/s for themselves. No matter whether the traffic has reached its maximum or the server is fully loaded, the speed is not affected. Premium users enjoy the benefit of not having to wait and can make their downloads more effective. The maximum download speed can be tested with Ookla.

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Downloading with an unreliable Internet connection? With the Premium Account no one has to worry about the data. The download can simply be continued at a later time as soon as there is a stable Internet connection again.

Upload Functions

The Keep2share Premium Account has a total upload size of 2 GB.

Compared to the free account, which offers 500 MB upload per day, the upload size of the premium version is relatively high.

Extras for Premium Users

Users of the Keep2share Premium account can take advantage of the fact that the files remain stored up to 180 days within the cloud. This means that even older files are always ready for download.

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Note: If the one-month access to the file is sufficient, the free version can also be a gain in everyday life.

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Before a filehoster is used, information is important and then your own practice test. Thus, users can get to know the filehoster and learn which basic options are possible.

Security: Security is all around. The files are not passed on to third parties. Everything that happens within the cloud happens anonymously. Of course, certain personal details are required for registration, but they are not publicly accessible.

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Compatibility: It is useful that the download and upload can be done from any platform. The compatibility is comprehensive and also possible with MAC. All common operating systems are compatible with the Filehoster. Thus an unrestricted use is given.

Speed: The high speed is an absolute plus. Especially, because the speed is not throttled (mainly premium users benefit from this). A fast download is possible at Keep2share at any time. No matter where the user is in the world.

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Simple user interface: Even beginners will quickly find what they are looking for at Keep2share. The simply designed interface offers a good overview and is structured in a user-friendly way. File sharing is made easy for the user. The main functions can be found directly on the start page and every user can easily click through the filehoster.

Download accelerator: Practically, users can use any download booster. With a Keep2share Premium account, third-party providers are allowed. Users can therefore use the existing or desired accelerator.


Drag & Drop makes easy operation a reality. Furthermore, the file management is simple. A new folder is easy to create on the management interface and the file transfer can begin. One mouse click is all it takes to download, manage or delete individual files. If a user uploads a file, further setting modes are possible.

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Every user can either save the files privately or share them publicly. The private setting is useful if the uploaded files are only intended for a specific recipient. All possible options can be found on the administration interface and can be used without any programming.


With the free trial account, every user can simply test the features once and then choose the appropriate Keep2share account.

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The longer the term, the lower the price. However, since the general costs are kept within reasonable limits, a chargeable account can be obtained at the beginning for a reasonable price. However, an account with costs will only be used if it is used regularly and only really pays for itself with a busy file transfer.

PackagePremium ProPremium
Yearly$11.75 / month$9.50 / month
Quarterly$17.32 / month$13.98 / month
Monthly$21.95 / month$16.95 / month
Testversion$8.95 / 3 days$6.95 / 3 days


For example, the payment methods Keep2share PayPal are possible via a reseller. A reseller does not offer his own products, but sells products and services from operators to end customers. If other payment options are also acceptable to the user, the filehoster can be ordered directly from the operator. The operator offers payment by credit card, for example.

File hosting at a glance

Practically some services are absolutely free for users. Small, individual file volumes can be exchanged at no cost.

No matter where the users are located, file exchange is fast and possible from anywhere in the world. In addition, the file transfer is not bound to a specific time.

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The links indicate the location of the files and are simply entered into the browser. One click is enough for the user to find what was provided by the uploader.

Links are active for several weeks to several months. Therefore, users can also access older files.

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All links will be forwarded exclusively by the Uploader. Thus the owner of the file keeps control and who can download it.

Several users can participate in only one download and use it for themselves. Filehosting is therefore also an ideal tool for teamwork.


The Filehoster is a modern way to make file transfer as easy as possible. There are different options to choose from, so there is the right Keep2share account for every need. If you often want to transfer data to other people, file hosting is a good way to do so. On the other hand the free use is connected with a few restrictions, which are not noticeable with a small data volume.

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Keep2share is suitable for various files and is suitable for private and professional use. The link is simply given to the appropriate person and the download can be started. It is not necessary to send it by mail and the files are clearly arranged, which also benefits the office organization. Finally, the filehoster can be opened from any PC and the file can be downloaded and stored directly in the desired folder on the PC.

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The advantage is that file hosting is also useful for forms, for example, and the file can be supplemented by different users. The return can be done either by Keep2share or by mail. On the other hand, the downloaded forms can also be printed or used for other purposes.

Each user is responsible for the file transfer and the files contained therein. Keep2share only provides a kind of platform to facilitate the transfer. It is important to form one’s own opinion about the platform and its services in advance and whether the free and chargeable options for one’s own use can be helpful.

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